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Welcome to our online booking center

Please visit our new website to book your appointment.  We apologize for any inconvenience, we are working hard to improve your experience!

CLINIC HOURS: Monday 1pm until 9pm

                            Tuesday 9am until 9pm

                            Wednesday 1pm until 9pm

                            Friday 9am until 9pm

                            Saturdays 9am until 3pm


NEW CLIENTS:  If this is your first visit to the clinic, please be sure to choose the new client treatment option for your first visit and plan on being here for approximately one hour longer than your treatment time.  On your first visit you will fill out a health history form, which we will go through;  I will look at your posture and do any special testing that is required.  By doing this you will receive the most appropriate treatment possible.  You do not pay for the assessment and you get your full treatment time. An additional hour has been automatically added to these appointments, so please be sure to choose a time slot that will allow for the massage time plus the hour, i.e.:  1 hour massage = 2 hour appointment

RETURNING CLIENTS:  When booking appointments keep in mind that I have added an additional thirty minutes to each appointment so I have time for assessment and transition between appointments.  Please be sure to choose a time slot that will allow for the massage time plus the thirty minutes, i.e.:    1 hour massage = 1.5 hour appointment

PLEASE NOTE:  You should receive a Confirmation of Request email IMMEDIATELY after booking online, if you do not it means the appointment has not been approved (usually because the time slot is too short for the requested appointment) and consequently will not be booked.  Please check your email to make sure you have received this confirmation.

For same day appointments or cancellations please call the clinic.